Orthodontic treatment is used to reposition teeth in order to improve the way they look and function. In some cases, it may also help your jaw and joints to function properly and enhance the appearance of your face. To straighten teeth to their desired position, a gentle pressure must be exerted on them for several months.

Crooked, crowded and misaligned teeth affect not only your appearance. As a matter of fact, their position can make your teeth more likely to decay, gum infection, and affect your bite (the way your teeth come together when closing your mouth) and overall dental health.

Your dentist can perform some orthodontic treatments or refer you to an orthodontist.  


Malocclusion comes in various forms. At times, for instance, kids can be embarrassed by the space between the upper and lower teeth even if their upper and lower molars touch (open bite). For others, it’s when the lower and upper jaws are not the same width (overjet). Overall, malocclusion is divided into three large categories:


Malocclusion class 1Class I Jaws are aligned, but teeth are crooked, tilted or crowded

Malocclusion class 2Class II The upper jaw is too big and the lower jaw is too small

Malocclusion class 3Class III The lower jaw is prominent


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