Nobelguidetm computer-guided implant surgery

NobelGuideMC computer-assisted implantology 

With NobelGuide’s computer-guided implant surgery, you will get implants and a fixed prosthesis in one single visit. Thanks to an evaluation system and virtual surgical planning, your dental surgeon will now be able to treat even the most complex of cases with a greater level of precision.

Advantages of NobelGuideMC computer-assisted implantology 

  • Less visits for the patient 
  • Quick end results
  • Little or no swelling and sensitivity due to a no-incision surgical technique

How it works

This technique consists in taking an X-ray of the patient and using a guide that will show the final position of the teeth. Using sophisticated software, the surgeon will analyze and recreate acquired data in 3D.

3D reconstruction of the guide showing the final prosthesis

Once this information is available, the surgeon will then perform virtual surgery with unmatched accuracy. This technique will let him know the exact length, width, 3D position and number of necessary implants. Other essential surgery information is taken into account, such as the quantity and quality of the patient’s bone.

The surgery is performed virtually using specific software

After having designed the surgery on the computer, a guide is put together to help the surgeon perform the intervention on the patient exactly as planned. This guide is produced with an extremely delicate and accurate technical approach called stereolithography. This method consists in the 3D reconstruction of a prototype using a laser beam and acrylic.

Guide production one layer at a time with laser, for unmatched precision

The surgery is performed using the surgical guide. No incision is required during the intervention. Implants are introduced into the jaw bone through the guide and the gums. Having been predetermined virtually, implants’ position is therefore accurate.

The NobelGuideMC concept now enables us to perform surgery without the need for bone graft, which could not be achieved before. Many advantages were noted by patients when compared with traditional forms of surgery:

  • More rapid recovery
  • Little or no pain after the surgery
  • Little or no swelling after the surgery
  • Fixed prosthesis on the day of the intervention
  • No compromise in terms of esthetics or functionality
  • No stitches
  • No plastic covering the palate
  • Simple hygiene
  • Simple and enjoyable nutrition

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