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Whether you have dental insurances or not, you should have the right to an optimal treatment plan. DENTOPLAN is the financial program specifically designed to help you have access to the treatments that you would have normally postponed.

All you need to do is to fill a confidential application form and Doctor Chaussé’s staff will take care of all the administrative procedures for you.

We are associated with the National Bank’s DENTOPLAN. You can finance all your dental treatments for up to 10 years and more. Not to mention that you are not financially bound; you can pay you balance whenever you wish to.

What are you waiting for? Together we can elaborate a treatment plan adjusted to your needs, leveled with your desires.

Tax return

Did you know you can include the cost of your dental treatments to your tax return declaration? Ask us how to. (See the charts in this PDF file)

DentoPlan Request

Procedures for a DentoPlan financing application:

  1. Bring two valid photo IDs to the complex
    (driving licence, health insurance card, social insurance card or passport);
  2. Fill and send by tax the application for credit form summarized by Dr. Serge Chaussé’s staff. With the possibility to request with a co-applicant, if needed;
  3. A verification of your personal info will be done by Mrs. Louise Bélisle, financial consultant from DentoPlan;
  4. There is a 24 h to 48 h delay for the National Bank to process the request;
  5. After the approval, Mrs. Bélisle will personally contact you to inform you of the credit approval;
  6. Before the start of the treatments, a contract will be signed at the complex;
  7. The first credit transfer will be in effect 30 days after the treatments are billed.


DentoPlan is the only program exclusively designed to assure the financing of dental care. DentoPlan is a division of:

MediCAPITAL inc.

1405, boul. Henri-Bourassa West, suite 206

Montreal, QC

H3M 3B2

Offered by The National Bank of Canada

Tax Return

The previous data is provided for information purpose. The taxing rates being of a government matter, we recommend you to verify the validity of the information before making a decision. These figures were provided by DentoPlan according to the Canadian and Quebec tax regulations (2008). For more information, please contact Mrs. Louise Bélisle, DentoPlan consultant: 514 808-6274

Document (pdf)