Complete rehabilitation

Complete dental rehabilitation allows dental reconstruction for practical and cosmetic purposes.

After a few years, your teeth can brittle, break and lose their original appearance.  You may start having recurrent dental problems. Bad habits like clenching and grinding your teeth, neglecting oral health and loss of teeth are all contributing factors in tooth wear.

For complete dental rehabilitation

Several aspects of your mouth need to be taken into account, including support from the teeth, i.e. the quality and quantity of your gums and jawbone. It is crucial to choose the right material in establishing the treatment plan. Your bone and gums, much like the foundations of your home, are the basis of any restoration work.

Like an engineer, Doctor Serge Chaussé will thoroughly study your situation and determine the kind of work that is required.

Rehabilitation can include fixed or removable complete prosthesis, dental implants, crowns and bridges. 

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