Humanitarian work in Mexico, 2007

With the organisation Fondation For His Ministry

In 1966, Charla and Chuck Pereau founded a small orphanage to foster abandoned or mistreated children in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico. Today 90 needy children are being raised in a loving Christian environment. They are given the life and the education every child should have. The orphanage also acts as a day care for disabled children who would normally sit at home and do nothing and they also run a free clinic on the grounds. In 2007, with a group of Christians, I visited the orphanage to give some of my time for these children and the community surrounding the orphanage. They were in a great need of a dentist. We treated patients from the orphanage and a lot others came from the surrounding areas. It was a blessing to be able to give back, it helps me grow as a human, but also as a dentist. When you do procedures outside of your country with less sophisticated equipment, you have to be inventive and resourceful.

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